Benefits of using Emoji’s on your Instagram business page

Instagram is becoming a popular social media platform for many businesses. As a Picture sharing platform, it is a great way to post eye-catching images followed by a quirky description. Some recent changes to Instagram now mean you can add multiple images to one post and even add short videos too. The use of Emoji’s on Instagram is becoming increasingly popular and definitely provides a personal outlook to your posts.

Emoji’s can be added to the end of a description, comment and even in your company’s information section at the top of the page. It isn’t unseen for there to be numerous Emoji’s used in a posts description, used to help tell the story of the post. In your company’s information section is isn’t uncommon to see them used as a call to action, for example, an envelope followed by the email address, or a mobile with the contact number to follow.

Many businesses are seeking the benefits of using Emoji’s in comments as well, making them more personal as they help convey emotion.