Importance of keeping fresh relevant content on your website

Websites can some become out-dated if they are not regularly maintained, this includes adding fresh content both written and visual. Fresh content helps draw customers in, by providing eye-catching pages that keep them interested, and it also helps play a part in SEO too.

Search engines prefer websites with fresh content, this helps them to know the site is still actively used. The content needs to be relevant of course, keeping all text on the topic.

Make sure your website has a good balance of visuals and written content as too much writing does not work in your favour. Viewers become disengaged with large paragraphs of writing, while search engines may see a large amount of text as spam.

It is important not to use slang words of abbreviations, this can confuse the customer and search engines too. Keep your writing fluent, with correct spellings and the placement of keywords in the right places.