Product Design

A lot of work goes into designing a product. The goal of all product designers is to make a product which the general population can easily use, and solves a problem that the user has. Now, in order to accomplish this, a lot of specifications must be met. Making it user friendly is perhaps the biggest and most complex part of this. In all types of design work; making a product, or website;its function often comes second to its usability. To go about making a design user friendly, it needs to be easy enough to be able to instinctively. This means that you need to, if it is a smart phone for instance, that you need to make the navigation as simple as possible. In addition to product design, where you conceptualise and evaluate ideas, you also need to go through a process of industrial design, whereby you focus on craft design and ergonomics. All of these need to be perfected in order to make a successful product.