Switching Marketing Agency

When you’re planning on switching to a new marketing agency, you’ll need to look at your current contract and see if you’re able to cancel whenever you wish. Some agencies won’t allow you to cancel for 30 days or more depending on their terms and conditions and you won’t want to pay for a new agency until you’re out of the old contract first. If you’ve been with an agency for many years but feel it’s time to move on, it can be difficult to tell them to their face. We believe it’s important to be honest in this situation and tell them the reason why you decided to look elsewhere. If they’re quite pushy or get angry and state that you’re making a mistake, perhaps they’re not the best agency for you. It’s always best to try and finish your contract on good terms and let’s face it, the world will still go round, they’ll still get business (if they’re any good at their job).