The role of Pinterest in a Web Marketing Strategy

Pinterest is one of the most widely used social media platforms. Users of this popular social network can upload, save, sort, and manage images—known as pins—and other media content (e.g., videos) through collections known as pinboards. When you follow people you’ll see their latest pins in your news feed and it’s a great platform for saving ideas and taking inspiration from others. This also means that for many businesses it can be a highly effective marketing tool. It’s a way in which you can get your products and services out there. Let’s say you sell vintage tables and chairs. You can create pinboards of your products for all to see. Then should someone come across it and like the image, they may pin it so that they can look back at it whenever they wish. This means they love it so much they follow the steps to buy the product, or perhaps they’ll share it with a friend who’s redecorating their kitchen. Who knows? But the fact is it’s a way in which you can tell the world about your products and your services and if you have stunning images to share, you can make the platform work well for you.
Though Pinterest has a more laid back approach where comments aren’t nearly as common as they would be on Facebook or Twitter, there is an opportunity to engage with targeted customers. People who complement your pins should receive a personal reply, which in turn may generate a lead for your business. Show your brand is human and reply to people completing or enquiring about your products; by doing this you’ll be making people more aware of your brand going forward. Pinterest can be used to help people make buying decisions so you should be doing all you can to show the world what you can do and what you provide by using this platform.