Tidy URLS – The SEO benefits

A tidy, well optimised website can be a bit of a gem, and there are many reason why you should make your URLS as tidy as possible. The URL should be something simple that people can remember, especially for your important products or services. Let’s say you’re a wedding photographer you may want to have some of the following URL extensions:




And so on…

Then when you want to go into more detail, perhaps with a wedding album from a favourite couple of yours, the URL for the page could be something like this:


This then tells search engines that the Suzie and Greg page falls under ‘weddings’ and it’s going to score you brownie point in the long run, leading to higher rankings. We always advise you keep your URLs nice and tidy because if you get them wrong, it can be a long and tricky process to change them later down the line.