Using Instagram to bring traffic to your website.

Instagram is increasing in popularity among brands as a powerful social marketing tool. People today enjoy being visually stimulated, which makes a social network that is solely based on image sharing so effective.

When you use social media to share images that relate to your business, you will create stronger relationships with your current followers and customers, while also broadening your reach to find new ones. Not only can you share pictures of your products, but you can encourage your customers to submit their own pictures of your products being put to use too.

Before you start your day, know how much time you want to allocate to social media and each individual network. Stick with that time limit so that you can be sure you are getting the most important tasks done in your time frame.

The following three steps are a great way to bring traffic to your website using Instagram:

Get Following- Give yourself about 10-15 minutes each day to start looking for Instagram users within your target market. You can do this by looking at who is following your competitors. Find people who are more engaging with the brands they follow since they are more likely to engage with you as well.

Share your own content- Add new unique content to your own Instagram account. People want to see that you have a good amount of interesting content for them to look at if they are going to follow you. If they look at your stream and only see two pictures and nothing new added in the last month or more, they aren’t going to see a reason to become a follower.

Be interactive- It’s no surprise that when you have a social media account, people expect you to be, well, social. Don’t simply sign up for an account and then wait for people to start following you. To be successful in your Instagram marketing, you need to be actively engaging. Reply to comments left on your images, even if it’s a simple thank you. Ask questions and encourage a dialog with your followers.