What can content marketing do for your website?

Content marketing cannot be easily defined, and you’ll find that many agencies have their own explanations. It ties in with search engine optimisation as it involves producing highly relevant, keyword rich content for your website which can boost rankings in Google, yet it can also link in with the social side. If you’re publishing engaging content yon your website, then you may want to broaden its reach by sharing the information on your social media networks. Whether you’ve produced a new blog post, a video tutorial, a case study or a new landing page, it should be tailored to your target audience and sharable, and that’s what content marketing is all about. It’s about making your voice heard and shouting louder than your competitors, whilst building brand recognition and giving your customers more of the information they need. They’re then more likely to become a loyal customer, but it means every piece of content has to be carefully planned for optimum impact.