Why brochure websites can still be very pricey

When you think of a ‘brochure website’ you generally think a maximum of 5 pages with a mix of text and photos, but it can be a whole lot more than that. You could have a brochure website with hundreds of pages, and generally, in the web design business, a brochure website means a site that is not e-commerce in any way. So even though you’re not adding lots of products that can be bought online, you may want a website which shows all of your products and that can mean adding hundreds of pages, which will mean a lot more work than the typical 5-page website. So when you’re getting a quote for a website design and you’d like to keep costs low, think about how you can reduce the number of pages and consequently reduce the time for the designer. Perhaps you only need a few page templates and then you can add the rest of the product content yourself? Some designers will take you up on this, however, others will want to have complete control of the project so they can complete the site on their own to their usual high standards.