Woocommerce – the ultimate way to transfer your wordpress blog into an online shop for free

Ever wanted to sell anything on your WordPress blog / website? Well this is possible with a plugin called WooCommerce. This system is simply a WordPress eCommerce plugin which allows users to see a user friendly interface whereby they can upload, sell and create product listings all from the WordPress content management system.

It is essentially a plugin kit that will transform your WordPress Blog into a fully-fledged ecommerce website. Even if you do not code and find it difficult to get your head around .php you can easily hire someone to do the job as so many developers are familiar with WordPress and also WooCommerce.

Further to this on the wordpress.org website, webmasters are able to find a whole array of available compatible themes some of which sport slick designs, functionality and the ability to add additional options to individual products, brands or collections such as price, quantity in stock and many more.